Welcome to XOMBOCOM.

Everything is possible.

Created by Jane and Kyokyoknutt.

click here to join the server, or input into console: connect

If there is anything fucky wucky going on in the server, let Jane or Kyokyoknutt know through Discord.

Note: If you are under 18, you probably shouldn't be in this server. Or this entire game in general.
You also agree to everything stated in this MOTD when playing on this server.

The Rule

Don't be a dick. That simple. If you are making the experience less enjoyable for the people on the server, we will first Ask you to stop, then Tell you to stop (sometimes with a minor punishment), and then Make you stop by removing you, either by kicking or banning. Don't be a dick.

Otherwise, use common sense and knowledge of how other TTT servers moderate and you should be fine. If we have to explain to you why you shouldn't do something like hacking or ghosting or harassment, you shouldn't be here.

Some other things to know:

Famous Last Words

(most from my Open Fortress server but shut the fuck up --kyo)

ape: your the biggest pisser bitch

FOOZ: Welcome to the fooz gaming youtube TTT

*DEAD* White Russian Bear : a merc has fallen into the water in dm_gump

Connor : is this why there are no trees in the desert

*DEAD* k.o kirby : wacky gang war

*DEAD* k.o kirby : no one in existance is 17

orenstep : this is tf2 but it's sonic racers

AudioSpiral : 3NUb7*DEAD* kyokyoknut: h

Nigou™ : i have this server on favorites but it keeps getting F I L L E D

garu : how very homielike

Obama: I am everywhere. I am in your dreams.

Hexon (as a medic): I am no longer neutral. I have the lightning gun.

*DEAD* RIOT : is that a fortnite mod

Frozio : u all like yiff

[SM] Vote successful. (Received 82% of 11 votes)
[SM] The answer to lg op? is: Yes.

Juang : crits and you pick crowbar?
*DEAD* Juang : you madman

kerp Today at 9:47 PM
its to prevent smoking to real life

Terradice : whos the white guy who just signed their own death warrant

Terradice : bowser what are you doing to my cock

"The original modded Quake for Doom" -Rogue Snow

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